By this instrument and in the best form of law, the parties, on the one hand:
GAVIAOZINHO FARM LTDA, a private legal entity registered with CNPJ / MF under number 37.020.350 / 0001-20 with headquarters at Rua Gago Coutinho 985, city of Londrina, state of Paraná, Brazil, CEP 86.039-190, hereby represented in the form of its Social Contract by its Legal Representative, Mr. Paulo Maurício Acquarole, hereinafter referred to simply as "CONTRACTOR",
On the other hand, USER called “CONTRACTING PARTY”.
The object of this contract is the assignment of plants owned by the "CONTRACTOR" for adoption for a certain period of time, in addition, the "CONTRACTOR" will provide maintenance and conservation services for the plants adopted by the "CONTRACTING PARTY". The plants offered here for adoption will be of native seedlings from the Brazilian fauna of the Atlantic Forest biome randomly selected that will be in the field in their definitive locations or in the nursery of seedlings of "CONTRADATA" at the time of this adoption.
Adoption Term Data:
A - Quantity of seedlings / trees.
B - Value per seedling / tree
- Total contract value. (A x B)
- (total amount in words)
The payment of this amount will be made through a single annual payment that will be paid at the time of contracting through the website of the "CONTRACTOR", via credit card and can be paid in installments according to the current availability.
The "CONTRACTING PARTY" has a period of 1 week after contracting the service to exercise the right of repentance and receive a refund of 100% of the amounts paid, and after this period, no financial refund will be made, since the "CONTRACTED" has already had all your investment in planting / maintaining native seedlings / trees.
Approximately 3 (three) months before the expiration of this period of Adoption to Gaviãozinho Farm will contact you to deal with the renewal for a new period of adoption, at this moment you will be able to expand the number of trees that you already adopt, keep them or even give up, this occurring the plants that are part of his contract that have just been returned to the bank of plants to be adopted, leaving no right, burden or liability to the Contractor until then.
In addition to the assignment of plants for adoption, the "CONTRACTING PARTY" will also receive a digital certificate from the "CONTRACTOR" within 30 days after contracting the service, stating the number of seedlings / trees and species that were included in the service provision contract. In front of each of the trees that are adopted, a sign will be placed indicating who is the benefactor, their country of origin, the date of the beginning of that adoption and also the name and species of the plant.
The use of the image, name and testimony of the CONTRACTING PARTY for the promotion of GAVIAÕZINHO FARM in advertising materials for social networks and other media related to the contracted tree adoption service is authorized free of charge.
At any time during the term of service provision, the "CONTRACTING PARTY" may go in person to visit the native seedlings maintained by her at the address of the "CONTRADA" farm, I quote the Estrada Água do Gaviãozinho KM 03, District of Maravilha, city of Londrina, Paraná, Brazil.
The "CONTRACTING PARTY" is exempt from any legal obligation in relation to labor, environmental, civil and criminal activities in Brazil related to the services informed in this contract, which is the total responsibility of the "CONTRACTOR".
The jurisdiction of the district of the “CONTRACTED PARTY” headquarters is elected as competent to settle any issues arising from this contract, and as they are fair and contracted, the parties sign this contract in digital form.