Common Questions


Do you have any questions about how to adopt a tree? We answer most of them below:

1. How to adopt a tree?

Fill in online registration, select the number of trees to be adopted. Each tree adopts has a minimum adoption period of 12 months. Make the payment and receive the digital certificate.

2. What guarantees are the seedlings being properly taken care of?

You will receive a digital certificate, photo of the seedling installation with your plate and periodically you will receive a photo of the development of your seedling (s).

3. Where did the seedlings come from?

All changes are native to the Brazilian Atlantic Forest and provided by the Environmental Institute of Paraná.

4. Can I pay in installments?

Yes, up to 12 times on your credit card.

5. Does payment by boleto have a discount?

No, it is the same value as the credit card.

6. Can I cancel before the end of the contract?

Up to one week after accepting the contract you can cancel with 100% of the contract refund, but after that even if you cancel the contract you will not be entitled to a refund, since all of our investment has already been made.

7. Can I reduce the number of seedlings during the contract?

No, only at the end of 12 months of contract can you make a new contract with a new number of seedlings.

8. What is the minimum quantity?

There is no minimum quantity, as our goal is for ordinary people to have the option of adopting a tree and the greater the number of adopters, the more our project will be disseminated and will awaken other projects globally.

9. Where is the farm?

Água do Gaviãozinho Highway, KM 3, Maravilha District.
Londrina / PR - Brazil

10. Can I visit the planting site?

Yes, at any time, but we inform you that in this initial phase of the project we do not have a periodic and structured visitor center, and so visits must be scheduled in advance. With the evolution of our project, our goal is to have a periodic visitor center with full structure to receive our adopters for visits, trails and guided walks.

11. What will happen to my tree (s) if at the end of my contract I can no longer maintain the adoption?

As foreseen in the Adhesion Term accepted by you, the trees corresponding to your adhesion will return to the orphan plant bank of Gaviãozinho Farm and we will try to find other interested people / organizations. No type of expense or obligation will last and you can, when you can or wish, adopt new trees in our native forest.